It doesn't matter if you just got married yesterday or you've been married for 100 years, husbands and wives (men and women) around the globe are yearning for intimacy and romance in their marriages.  There are also those who explore avenues to maintain vibrancy in their marriage relationships.  A healthy marriage invigorates the family which leads to a vibrant and stable church; ultimately fulfilling the Lord's promise in John 10:10.   

Marriage was instituted by God in Genesis 2:24.  Therefore, a husband and a wife can never stop learning about each other.  Please understand that any relationship that is neglected stops growing.  The relationship between the two should be a direct representation of their relationship with God. 

Couples Refreshing Inc. provides/coordinates enrichment opportunities and activities that are romantic, fun and educational.  Our activities are designed to help increase and or maintain romance, intimacy and vibrancy in marraige relationships.

A marriage grows and changes over time through the experiences of humor, playfulness, brokenness, healing, failure, accomplishment, forgiveness and renewal.  In the intimacy of marriage, spouses can learn to share feelings, fears and to listen deeply. 

Marriage should be enjoyed and not endured.  Despite how long you've been married, there's always hope and room for improvement and enjoyment.